Wordy Wednesday #26

Discolored: fading

The ancient painting of the Roman Goddess, Aphrodite, was discolored when it was found.

Forensic: legal

Buying a gun in the U.S. was legal for uses of self protection.

Marvel: wonder

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was a marvel.

Shambles: mess

My brother’s room is a shambles, because its like a jungle in there.

Gambit: plan

To steal the apple from the tree, we had to create a gambit in order to get it.


Wordy Wednesday #25

Solitary: alone

When I was young, I used to be outgoing and happy, but as I grew older, I became more solitary.

Crimson: red

A crimson cape made me look like a super hero.

Diabolical: evil

The diabolical Dr. Flufflykins, always tried to invade the Earth and rule as an emperor.

Totalitarian: dictatorial

Business people seem like totalitarians to me, because everything has to be in order and have their permission.

Adversary: opponent

My adversary for the competition was my friend, Bob.

Vanquished: disappear

Criminals will try to vanquish and hide from the police.

Journal #49

Does technology make our lives easier?

I would say yes that technology makes our lives easier. There are so many reasons that we need it too. Without technology, I would not be able to use the computer that I play League of Legends on. Besides, nobody can live without technology and that it makes lives harder which results in more writing instead of typing and others.

Wordy Wednesday #24

Prodigy: genius

The little girl, Kami, was a prodigy at solving math equations.

Conceivable:  convincing

The murderer made the story about how he found the body in the lake conceivable to the police.

Detonates: exploding

The bomb will detonate and kill many innocent people if you do not defuse it!

Smoldering: burn

To get rid of the evidence, Tako started smoldering them in the trashcan.

Abstract: complex

The mysterious fox was abstract looking and started feasting on its prey, the mouse.

Wordy Wednesday #23

Revolting: disgusting

The moldy, old candy made me barf because of its revolting smell.

Phlegm: disinterest

The long reading made little Pete very phlegm and sleepy.

Valiant: bold

The valiant mother bear stood up for her dear cub when it was being harassed by other cubs.

Careening: tilt

James was careening against the wall so that it would support his back.

Gullible: easily taken in

Tom was so gullible to believe that it was clowns day and actually dressed up as one.

Wordy Wednesday #22

Vandal: destroyer

This vandal was seen multiple times stealing the chocolate from the Cocoa King.

Devours: consume

Mr. Fluffy Butt likes to devour chocolate like there was no more.

Mayhem: destruction

This mayhem caused billions of people to die and burn in the poison.

Carnage: murder

This case was mysterious on whether the man died of carnage or drug poisoning.

Suppress: conceal

We had to suppress our faces from being seen my the watch dogs if we were going to ever make it out alive of prison.

Wordy Wednesday #21

Sentient: awake

The little puppy was sentient after hearing it’s owner’s alarm go off.

Porous: spongy

The porous mop was used with the murky water.

Geysers: spouts

The geysers were blasting out hot water that rose up very high in the air.

Dismember: cripple

The dismember elder could not walk or move anywhere without help.

Glistening: shinning

The glistening star was so bright that it showed the little dog how to find its way home.

The Mood Stories From Class

Romance Mood Story:

Once upon a time, a princess named Victoria was playing hide and seek with her friends in the woods one evening. After a few hours, her friends decided to leave and forgot about the princess. Lost in the woods, Victoria cried and screamed out for help but silence was only heard. Weary and tired, the princess suddenly falls asleep. When she awoken, Victoria knew that she was not in the woods anymore instead, it was a neat, golden painted bedroom. Having a look around, the princess found a boy who looked cute, found asleep besides her on the soft golden bed. The boy opened his eyes and introduced himself who was also a prince named Aaron. Aaron told the princess that she was the most beautiful princess he has ever seen. Victoria’s cheeks turned into a rosy pink color. After that day, they fell in love and married each other living happily ever after.

Tragic Mood Story:

It has been 10 years since the man and woman had been married. One day after the man and woman had a brutal argument, the wife suddenly became diagnosed with a disease that could not be cured and was told by a doctor that death would come soon. Hearing this, the man came to his senses after spacing out and was determined to make the wife happy. It had been three weeks since the couple has heard of the wife going to die. During those weeks, the man would try to make the wife happy and pleased which she was. The couple now that was happy, started to doubt that the disease was going to bring death. The next morning, the man woke up with a smile on his tanned face with a yawn and stretched his arms. He decided that he was going to make his wife happy this morning and wake her up to the fresh aroma of her favorite flowers, roses. It took about twenty minutes to go to the store to buy some roses and back to his wife at his two story house. Arriving home, the man quickly got a card and wrote ” I love you, honey! I hope you get better soon! Love you so much ” ending it with a smiley face and a heart. Feeling anxiously excited, the man put a loving smile on his face holding the roses and walked up stairs silently. While entering the bedroom,  his smile started to disappear into a horrified look the man’s eyes widened with terror dropping the fresh flowers that is now on the floor and raced to the bed. Holding the woman’s hand, the man cried and screamed saying, “You cannot leave me like this!” Then it was nightfall since his mourning and weeping had ended into nothing but still and silence. No more arguments or happy laughter filled in the house and nothing except darkness engulfing the couple who lay on the bed together with their entwined hands . 

Wordy Wednesday #20

Smidgen: tiny amount

The ice cream man was so cruel that he gave me a smidgen of chocolate ice cream with no cherry on top.

Cynical: scornful

The little fluffy badger was so cynical to visitors that it laid mushrooms to be stepped on and poisoned.

Disembodied: ghostly

The disembodied foot was hopping so quickly that it caught me while I was running.

Piqued: arouse

The little girl piqued and started playing with her teddy bear.

Perceptive: sensitive

During the night, the perceptive cat knew where the loud noises was coming from and hit the dog so there was only silence left.

Wordy Wednesday #19

Predicament: dilemma

This predicament was too difficult to find the solution to fix the computer.

Preordained: foretell

It is impossible to preordain the future unless you are a robot from the future.

Unalterable: not changeable

Time is unalterable, because it cannot be changed.

Expedition: journey

The expedition to the island of unicorns was so amazing that I brought one back with me as a pet.

Frigid: freezing

Lake Tahoe was frigid and piled with 10 inches of snow during winter.